POR LA CARA is a laboratory of ideas. Design in all its forms and interaction with people are the ingredients they mix to create unexpected and fresh interventions. The range of their work runs between experimental and advertising. They are close and accessible.

*It is a colloquial Spanish expression of difficult translation in English. It means when you achieve something for the sake of it.

Working Method

  1. By order. If a brand or institution is interested in an alternative way of communication gets in contact with them. They will make a proposal to this brand or institution POR LA CARA.

  2. Without order. As a laboratory of ideas they are always working on something. They are looking for available solutions that could be applied to a company or institution. They study the brand philosophy and its features to offer a proposal. Sometimes these proposals are taken and sometimes are rejected. They are fallible.

  3. POR LA CARA. Their passions are public places and contact with people. They make their work and look for collaborators to produce it.

1010 Ways to Buy Without Money

Pago: Hacer que un desconocido salte con este libro 1010 Ways to Buy Without Money


Things are not free, but you can buy them without money


1010 Ways To Buy Without Money is a non profit initiative that proposes a selling process based in prices without money. And we do it with a smile in our faces.

Every object has an non money price "fly an paper airplane", "hug a stranger", "become an organt donor", etc.




Catalogue's front Page of Shout through the face

Because everyone has a reason to shout

The 23rd of December of 2010 they invited to pedestrians of Barcelona Downtown to shout POR LA CARA. Around 400 people did participate in the happening. Many kind of screams were heard (joy, demand, celebration). Some people asked if they could yell again and all of them took their way back relieved.

The shout action started POR LA CARA and they decided keep going this way. Now they are working in other projects but they are fond of about this one and want to make it grow. Soon they will go to Paris to shout. They want to make the screams collection bigger, would you like your shouting photograph? Call them to yell whenever you want!


The Diver. Click on the image to see more pictures

Street interventions allow them to experiment and Exchange opinions with people. Public spaces are the rawest laboratory to expose ideas

The Diver

Portaferrissa Street, Barcelona.


Pedestrians were looking for a diver trough the bars of the drain. They only found cigarette ends and trash floating. Some people were impressed by the possibility of someone being stacked underneath the drain. Other people dropped a coin expecting that something would happen. Other people smiled and commented something to his/her friend.

Anything that falls down the drain ends up in the sea.




The Motorbike. Click on the image to see more pictures

The Motorbike

Cathedral of Barcelona.


Some people touched the smoke. Other people took a photograph. Other people ride the motorbike while a friend took a photograph. Other people did smile.

Smoke gets dissolved in the air and we do not see it anymore, but it is still there.









POR LA CARA is set up at Còrcega Street, núm. 415, 3º 08012 Barcelona

If you are interested in a Communication proposal POR LA CARA get in contact with them

Write them anaisyenrique@porlacara.info or call them +34 678 719 018 or +34 636 698 710 or by Skype: por_la_cara





POR LA CARA was born the 11th of December of 2010 from two synergies: Anaïs Esmerado and Enrique Muda. Both are fascinated by design, advertising and the oportunities that daily life environment allows to make things. When they saw this potential they decided to take the challenge of creating communication proposals for brands and institutions; joining their experience POR LA CARA.


Anaïs Esmerado Martí

Barcelona, 1982

Scholarship for Master in management and GraphicProduction by Elisava, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, 2008
Bachelor of Arts in Design por la Winchester School of Arts, Southampton University, UK, 2006
Graduated in Graphic Design by Elisava, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, 2006
She finished her studies at Bauhaus Universität Weimar, Germany, 2005

She has made projects for institutions like ELISAVA, FAD, Acuario de San Sebastián, El Museo de las Artes Decorativas and CCCB. And for companies like Escofet, Watchcelona, y Trodat.
She has organized exhibitions and events like: Campinggaz, Logstoff, Too Young to Die, Analogic Vs Digital and Travelling between others. Today she is a member of Elisava Alumni
Actually, she teaches graphic production at Seeway Design Scohool


Enrique Muda Bull

Barcelona, 1977

He studied Fine Arts, Certificate IV, at the Sydney Gallery School, TAFE, Sydney, 2004
Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations at Facultat Blanquerna, Universitat Ramón Llull, Barcelona, 2000

He has exhibited his work at Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid; Madinspain, Palacio de Congresos, Madrid; La Sala Vinçon, Barcelona; Feria de diseño industrial DMY, Berlin; Estudio Culdesac, Valencia between other Fairs, exhibitions and publications. Today he is a member of Plataforma Surtido



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